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Our History

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Everything started back in 2003-2004 when Suyapa and I began to feel God's call to serve others with all of our heart and to give back a little of what God had given us. We visited several villages, and Santa Clara is where God led us. We started with donations of clothing, medicine, shoes, toys, and food. Every time we took a vacation, we returned to Santa Clara with whatever donations we could get from our friends and relatives back in the United States.

From our retirement money, we packed and moved to Honduras. We purchased the land where the ministry would be built. We sketched a plan to build a church, cafeteria, some classrooms, and bathrooms. With financial support from many donors in the U.S. we worked in the community on several projects such as building houses, water filters, smoke-free stoves, and collecting garbage twice a week.


We opened the doors of the White Dove School in February of 2010 with an enrollment of 6 children in Pre-Kinder, 6 in Prep, and 6 in 1st Grade. We knew from the beginning that we would face many challenges along the way, but we had high expectations of what God would do.


Today there are 89 students from Kinder to 7th Grade, and every year a new grade is added. The school has over 20 members on staff. Today, the school has 11 classrooms, an administration building, a teachers' lounge, library, computer lab, cafeteria, kitchen, bathrooms, a multipurpose room, medical clinic, a small playground, and a field for soccer and PE.