The Farm

Paul Whitaker and Chuck Thompson purchased a parcel of land next to the school in 2014. It is called the Soldiers of Christ Farm, or Soldados de Cristo. The farm consists of about 30 acres and has been planted with fruit trees. Profits from the farm are used in the school’s annual budget.

Paul Whitaker is a prison ministry pastor in the greater Lafayette, Indiana area.

Chuck Thompson is owner of Dove Management, an asset management company based in Indiana that focuses on investments and business models that produce profits that can be used to support mission and ministry work around the world.

The farm is being run as a profitable business and is not a non-profit. If you would like to support our work or learn more about the business model we use, please contact Chuck Thompson at

 Paul, Alejandro (previous land owner), and Chuck

Paul, Alejandro (previous land owner), and Chuck